What is GEEC Research?

Who are we?

We’re GEEC, the Greater Equity in Early Education and Care: Child, Family, and Community Engaged Research team. We are a research collaborative working with community partners to promote equity in learning and care for children through child, family, and community engaged research.

From left to right: Natalie Cummins (Research Project Manager), Walaa Alchetachi, Krissy Bemister (Research Project Manager), Dr. Sejal Patel, Jacqueline Chan, Miad Ranjbar, and Katherine Benvenuto.

A little background

The GEEC Research team has a number of ongoing research projects with the overall goal of enhancing equity in education and care for children and families. For example, the project School redesign and neighbourhood redevelopment: A longitudinal study of educational success and well-being  investigates how an innovative school redesign initiative affected children in a historically marginalized neighbourhood in downtown Toronto that is simultaneously undergoing a neighbourhood redevelopment. The Reducing inequities in children’s educational success and family well-being in marginalized communities through innovation in public education project investigates how the comprehensive, multi-pronged, system focused, and holistic Model Schools for Inner Cities initiative works and how it contributes to sustainable improvements in children’s educational success and child and family well-being in marginalized communities. Among others, these research projects aim to work with families, communities, and relevant sector stakeholders to study efforts to level the playing field for all children and families, with an aim to contribute to scholarly and public discourse.

Our research approach

Our team works in collaboration with partners from the not-for-profit sector, the community and the government. Our projects use qualitative (e.g., explanatory case studies), quantitative, and mixed-method methodological approaches (e.g., concept mapping.) Through engagement practices such as our Research Advisory Committees, community members and research partners are welcomed to share their thoughts and opinions on our research projects and set the direction for next steps.

What’s coming next?

GEEC Research group is focused on bringing more information about our research projects on our blog. Click into the homepage to read more about our team and the work we’re doing.

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Dr. Sejal Patel (middle), with our partners Dr. Patricia O’Campo, professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto, and Toronto District School Board Research Coordinator, Maria Yau.